Zion National Park and Quail Creek

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You will see three sites in Zion National Park and one site on private land. Petroglyph Canyon is an Ancestral Puebloan site located in a shaded narrow slickrock canyon. Among the glyphs are several figures with burden baskets. Near the south entrance station is a possible solstice site. In the higher Kolob Terrace region is the site type for the Cave Valley style, a large sandstone cave with dozens of pictographs, some superimposed, in a variety of colors. They date from archaic to Paiute. On the return, the group will see the Quail Creek petroglyph site. This major site along the Virgin River has an extensive archaic panel, a large bear paw with an unusual number of toes, and an artful and dramatic story panel. Petroglyph Canyon requires a short, steep drop into the wash. Cave Valley is less than one mile of mostly sandy walking. Many Quail Creek glyphs can be seen from the road, but to see all the glyphs requires some easy to moderate slickrock walking. About 120 miles driving on paved roads. Watch my visit to Nampaweap.