Xanadu Gallery

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teyjah painting

I am happy to say that my work is now also represented at XANADU Gallery.

Xanadu Gallery is a resource for collectors and designers as well as corporations for procuring the highest quality art. They are located in Scottsdale, Arizona and they showcase great artworks in a wide variety of media and styles.

xanadu gallery

The name Xanadu is inspired by Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem Kublai Khan where he talks about the legendary city of Xanadu where they gathered the finest art and treasures from the farthest reaches of his (Khan’s) vast kingdom.

From its inception, Xanadu has been on the leading edge of technology with a website that includes e-commerce to better serve its clientele. The artwork at Xanadu is eclectic and exciting, featuring the talent of established career artists as well as newly discovered rising stars.

In my own work, I constantly explore different media and techniques to express the look, feel and texture of the rock art. Acrylic gels on board, printmaking and rice paper are a favorite support of mine.

It was a month long excursion to the US Southwest that set in motion my fascination with petroglyphs, pictograms and rock art. While hiking I discovered, symbols and figures high on a cliff face. I remember thinking to myself that someone needed to document and safeguard these works of art. At the time, I was working abstractly and with full color. Something in that moment in time moved me to change my artistic direction.

Reaching through the eons I could feel and hear these rocks talking to me. They spoke of long ago experiences and sadness. The passage of time has not always been kind.

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