Wayak Kuita Katchina

Wayak-Kuita Kachina

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The Hopi Indians live in 12 villages set on three mesas( First, Second & Third) in Northeastern Arizona. To grow crops, particularly corn, in their semiarid land, the Hopis believe it is essential to have supernatural beings on their side. To do this, the Hopis have developed complex mutual gift-giving ceremonies associated with the Kachina cult. The central theme of the kachina cult is that there is a life force in all objects that fill the universe and we, as humans, must interact with these or fail to survive. Each kachina has a particular marking or symbol that identifies him or her as well as a costume. There are different types of kachinas as well. There are the Chief kachinas, warrior or guards, and various sub-group kachinas such as the Clowns. Wuyak-kuita belongs to the category of Guards or Angry kachinas. He is one of the kachinas that helps enforce community work in the pueblos. He also insures that no transgressions occur during certain processions or dances. He often terrifies the clowns and can also be seen guarding the kivas against other kachinas during particular ceremonies. To create this painting I first drew the figure in Pen & Ink on drawing paper. I then sandwiched the figure between the printmaking paper and the rice paper and painted over top of all the layers. I used invented and actual symbols to create more areas of interest. SIZE 18 1/2” x 22”