Stories About My Paintings: My Journey Into The Mysterious World Of Art In Petroglyphs

In My Ebook I Also Give Tips On Textures, Pigments, Brushes, High Flow Acrylics, Interferences and Iridescents And Much More

"Teyjah McAren’s artwork has the most wonderful textures that she creates to reflect the feeling of natural cave walls. The textures that she carefully forms with many layers tell a story on their own but when she adds her version of cave petroglyphs on top, the story deepens to talk about the history of humanity. Teyjah’s paintings bring me back to feeling of wonder about all the many artists that have led us to now. The cave wall is still the coolest canvas for her unique art expression and Teyjah brings that to my wall."

- Valerie Rogers

“Teyjah’s art is so unique. I have never seen her style before. We must honour her recognition of our ‘First Artists’. It is rare to find someone who appreciates and recognizes the old ways and shows it in such a unique way.”

- Rolly Hein

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“Using Bushmen art for inspiration, Teyjah has combined the past with the present, in a most original manner. The natural colours will blend well with most decors to give a feeling of prosperity & tranquility to their surroundings.”

- Tibout & Marlene, Gondwana Gallery