The Story of Stars Moon Sun

Story of the Stars, Moon and Sun

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The story of the Stars, Moon and Sun was a totally intuitive and experimental painting that went totally right! It was my first time working with printmaking paper and rice paper. I had no idea what to expect so with a playful frame of mind I began by adhering the rice paper to the printmaking paper. I applied the paint to the sides of the paper with a brush then continued to use a palette knife for the first time. While the surface was still moist I added the symbolic marks and simply turned and bent the palette knife whichever way felt right. I left the middle section for last and decided the painting needed some contrast. I then used the side of my palette knife with some Zinc White paint and continued. I later went in and redefined some of those marks with coloring pencils. The really interesting thing about this painting is that in an exhibition, a young man came to me and asked me where I had travelled in Asia? Perplexed, I answered I had never been to any Asian country. I asked him why he asked? It seem that, inadvertently, I had written the words Star and Sun in his native language!  SIZE 31” x 41 1/4”