Piptu Wuhti Katchina

Piptu-Wuhti Katchina

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Each kachina has a particular marking or symbol that identifies him or her as well as a costume. There are different types of kachinas. There are the Chief kachinas, warrior or guards, and various sub-group kachinas of which Piptu-Wuhti is part of. Piptu- Wuhti is considered to be part of the clowns. She has a male counterpart named Piptuka. These kachinas improvise routines and characterizations before they appear to others. They present any form of humor from burlesque to caricature and in whatever dress they deem appropriate. To create this painting I first drew the figure in Pen & Ink on drawing paper. I then transferred that drawing to the computer and from the computer on to rice paper via a new transfer technique developed by Golden Artist Colors. I continued by binding the rice paper to the printmaking paper with polymer gel. I then applied paint and while it was still wet I painted a stylized rain cloud and lightning snake symbol to complete the kachina imagery. SIZE 18 1/2” x 22”