Petroglyph Artist Designs Exhibits to Invite and Reward Attention

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As an artist, Teyjah McAren is fascinated by petroglyphs, ancient images carved into cave walls and cliffs that have endured for thousands of years.

As an art gallery owner/operator, McAren strives to design displays that draw the eye, and then invite and reward continued attention to the works on display, including her own.

Her newest gallery venture, Teyjah’s Art Den, is based in Salmon Arm, British Columbia, a lakeside town about midway between Vancouver and Calgary. “My former gallery had no windows, was small and had poor lighting; the new space is larger and allows me to space the displays out more, and it looks really good,” she explains. Many of the lighting duties are handled by the Gallery System Lighting Option, which McAren installed along with over 160 feet of the Original Gallery System art hanging system.

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