Nuvak Chin

Nuvak’ Chin Mana Kachina

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Nuvak’ Chin Mana kachina is essentially the Snow kachina. She is part of the Niman ceremony or Home-Going ceremony which closes the kachina season after the summer solstice. She is meant to be white. Her snow white hair is done up in small knots on either side of her head and in ceremony she has painted black eyes and small dots above the eyes. On either side of her cheeks she carries black warrior marks. I chose to keep her white for the sheer beauty of the white color and to make the simplicity of the textures the focal point. In ceremony, she brings gifts to the audience and gives prayer for snow for the coming year. She kneels, ready to begin playing the gourd rasp, as she normally would during the Niman Ceremony.

To create the textures I used combs, earrings, apple corers, large lid covers, water bottle lids, corrugated cardboard, and circular metallic foils. SIZE 33” x 66”