NEW PAINTING – Village Celebration

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Village Celebration is all about important moments in our lives that need to be acknowledged and celebrated. It also explores the importance of relationships between ourselves and how we identify ourselves within a community. A few years ago I visited South Africa and became quite inquisitive about South African rock art as well as African tribes and tribal rituals. While in South Africa, I was struck by the underlying sense of comradeship and insouciance that existed despite the evident poverty. This experience reminded me of some early university encounters with some Tswana friends (Botswana).

I was always impressed by my African friends sense of pride and kinship. They possessed a unique social connectedness that we, as North Americans, did not pursue vigorously. Thus, began my painting theme. The more I read about their festivities, the more the vision of Village Celebration became clear. In most African nations, family relationships and community interactions are of primary importance. The success of one is the success of the entire community. The individuality we so cherish is not viewed in the same manner. “Village Celebration” explores the interconnectedness that exists between the individuals, their community and the communities at large.