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rock of ages by teyjah

Have you ever wandered in nature and been mesmerized by the look and feel of a cliffside? Perhaps a glint of mica platelets or the pattern of ore veins caught your eye? Think of the sediment layering at the Grand Canyon and you’ll have an idea of “Rock of Ages”.

What “Rock of Ages” conveys is the look and feel of iron ore veins or rock layering that are found on cave walls or cliff faces. If you are lucky and the light strikes just right, you can also find prehistoric symbols, petroglyphs or pictograms on those surfaces.

Since my area of interest is petroglyphs it only made sense to incorporate these figures and symbols on my painting surface. I began by putting various gels down as a base. I then inserted cotton strips of varying widths into the gels which I folded, weaved, overlapped and squeezed together to create the iron ore veins textural feel. The gels went over top of the cotton strips here and there in order to secure the strips to the base. While the gels were still wet I created the petroglyphic symbols and let the gels dry. Once dried, I did one layer of Iridescents and followed that up with multiple layers of Intereferences. Using the Interferences in a wash-like manner I created alternating layers of light and refraction. I added colors and more Iridescents to complete the painting.

Size of the painting is 24” x 36 on wrapped canvas.