NEW PAINTING — Freedom Flight

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Freedom Flight by Teyjah

The symbols of the butterfly and hummingbird in “Freedom Flight” represent a lifting of the spirit. On an emotional level, flight can be about wonder. Who has not been in awe watching an eagle soar high? “Freedom Flight” is a reminder to all of us to savor small moments of “lightness”. It is in these moments we are most free and connected to our essence as human beings.

The third form in the painting is in process of morphing from one thing to another. The butterfly is usually regarded as a symbol of transformation because of its metamorphosis process. Here the butterfly is symbolic of celebration, lightness, and elegance in a time of transition. The Hummingbird speaks to self-discovery and finding joy as you savor each moment flitting from situation to situation. For me personally, it is a symbol of accomplishment, perseverance, and finding magic in being alive.



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