Nampaweap and Paiute Cave

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Located deep in the Arizona Strip south of St. George, these two isolated sites represent very different cultures and artistic techniques. Travelling south on a good, sometimes washboard, dirt road, you will stop at the Bundyville Schoolhouse for a rest break, then head up the Hurricane Cliffs on another good road stopping at the Uinkaret Pueblo and Nixon Springs. From there it is a short distance to Nampaweap, an extensive petroglyph site located in a shallow basalt canyon. It is about a two-hour walk to see the glyphs which may require some light scrambling to see all of them. Then you will descend Mt. Tribal and travel the Clayhole Road to Paiute Cave, a large cavern in the basalt containing well-preserved Paiute pictographs. From there you return to St. George. A full day of driving and exploration. Watch the video of my visit to Paiute Cave.