Lord of the Beasts

Lord Of The Beasts

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Relates to who holds power in the realm of the beasts. The shamanic figure on the left represents that power. The Bubalus with its robust stature and 90 cm horns may appear formidable but it is no match for this Lord who quietly subdues a female kudu. Hunting parties cannot themselves manage to shackle the beast. This is a huge engraving of a Bubalus from Messak, Libya. The bubalus, which became extinct about 5,00 years ago, is thought to have been a relative of the American buffalo.The bottom figure is a a profile of a kudu antelope in Tanzania drawn in twisted perspective. This mythical representation was created on printmaking paper and textured banana peel rice paper. The background was done with acrylic paint and spritzed with water to create the mottled effect. SIZE 30” x 38”.