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Kachinas are dolls that can symbolize spirit beings, natural elements, animals, or the ancestors of the Hopi people who still live in the San Francisco Hills. This collection of artwork includes drawn kachinas on rice paper, as well as textured kachina paintings that are textured and molded to evoke traditional styles.

Kachinas as Cultural Symbols

Kachinas can be associated with rain, fertility, a plentiful harvest, good health, balance and harmony with nature. They help teach young Hopi children in the ways of their society and their role in it. It takes years of practice and religious study to master this art.

Kachina Drawings

Teyjah’s drawn kachinas are placed on rice paper and then transferred to printmaking paper. This printmaking paper has usually been weathered, scarred, or textured with various types of brushes or other tools. The weathered effect helps evoke the passage of time and its connection with the rock art of the region.

Kachina Textural Paintings

From the initial drawing of the kachina, Teyjah pares the kachina down to a few essential shapes. She then creates a textural painting of the kachina using many plastic and metallic hardware tools, ranging from mosquito netting and apple corers to combs and other materials.

She then creates a textural painting of a kachina made from plastic and metal from mosquito netting, apple corers, combs and other materials.

Oil paint and oil sticks are used to color and shade the kachinas multi-colored ceremonial garb.

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