How do you move a ginormous studio?

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Ever have one of those “What have I done?” moments. Part of me is filled with anxiety and the other half is dancing with exuberance. I’m going from a studio with no windows to one with one to two windows per room and five doors! My gallery will be wide open and full of light. So why so pensive?

I’ve been painting since 1987 and have quite the eclectic taste in art. I work in all media, subject matter and styles. I’ve been a professional artist for approximately 15 years. I’ve been in this studio space for 12 years now and have a great Thrift Store nearby. I went from a 900 square foot studio in New Westminster to one of 2,300. The Thrift store has greatly contributed to my downfall as an uncontrolled material collector as well as teaching for Golden Artist Colors lol! These two things have fed my artistic compulsion for quite a while. Now I have to relocate.

The biggest issue is management of both time and effort. How do I pull up stakes and go in a manner that will not require a lot of packing and allow me to place my material in an orderly fashion? How do I keep up with newsletters, blogs, social media, videos and painting during this time? The new studio requires quite a bit of renovation so I’m up to my eyeballs in coordinating: new roof, removing carpets, putting in flooring, vent cleaning, erecting walls, tearing down walls, electrical removal and placement, clean up the old studio, etc… Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. You have to see my studio to understand these concerns. Now I must warn you, some of these photos are graphic and can be disturbing to some artists lol.

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you’ll start seeing the new studio and what I have to contend with. I’m not really complaining (well maybe a bit) but I’m feeling overwhelmed. I’m grateful I have a few months to take action. I’m just starting to feel better physically after my car accident last year and fear a setback so I have to count on trades to help me.

So a few recommendations for myself as well as others facing this turn of events: First, just focus on one room at a time. Second, rather than worry about the newsletters, the this, that, and other things, just keep it all to small blogs and images. Document the events in your newsletter in a slightly different style. Make videos that incorporate the process of moving. Painting may be sporadic and make that OK. Do you have older work or a new series you were working on that you can use until you get back to your schedule?

I will keep you apprised of some of the thought processes, successes and difficulties involved in a move of this size. I’m hoping my relocation might give you some insights into what is actually involved: the emotions that may come up, tips, stress reduction and dealing with getting rid of surplus material!