Creative Techniques: Montana Acrylic Markers

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I’ve recently began playing with Montana Acrylic Markers. These markers are a water-based paint marker which are highly pigmented, they are a light-fast, high covering, water-proof, non-toxic and abrasion proof tool allowing an acrylic application to almost any surface. They do not contain any xylene and so do not have that strong solvent odor. To activate them you must pump them up and down for a short period of time until the paint flows down the tip.

What I really like about these markers are the different sizes and nibs you can purchase. They go from an extra-fine tip to 15 mm. They also come in a broad nib, chiseled, bullet, needle tip and calligraphy stylus. I find them comfortable to hold. I would like more color choices but you can always mix your own colors if you purchase refill inks and empty markers. The transparent marker bodies allow you to see the color you have created and how much paint you have left in the container.

The colors tend to be opaque and matte on most surfaces. The lighter colors are not as opaque. The fluorescent do not flow as well and their opacity is thus affected. I’ve really enjoyed them on canvas and gels. They work really well on any non-absorbent or non-porous surface. If you use porous surfaces the paint can set in. I have yet to play with them on wood and metal. In any case, you need to make certain your surface is dry and clean.

I personally like the extra-fine and fine point nibs for linework or outlining shapes. The larger sized nibs allow faster coverage of an area. If you have a bumpy surface, you get nice, broken lines due to the skipping of color. The nibs hold up nicely to aggressive use. These markers can also be used for airbrush work and brushwork. I’ll be trying them on transparent vinyl shortly for a special technique I have in mind. My only real recommendation would be to insure that you put back the caps as soon as you are done as the finer marker tips can dry up fast.

I hope you have enjoyed my video entitled Working with Montana Paint Markers