Cave Art

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This modern cave art collection features painted, molded and sculpted rock art. The symbols integrated into these pieces echo the pictograms and petroglyphs still found in caves and canyon walls around the world.

The look and feel of cave walls is created using acrylic gels to build up the surface of the painting. Glazed colors are added to reproduce the ochres, red oxides, white pigment and green travertine colors that have weathered the ages.

The Mysterious Symbols of Cave Art in Europe

Europe is home to some of the most impressive petroglyphs, found among the Lascaux caves, the Cosquer cave,, Pech-Merle, Niaux, Las Monedas, and the cave at Altamira. The symbols, animal figures, and handprints may symbolize shamans’ trance visions, hunting scenes or daily life in ancient societies. We are left with a sense of mystery and wonder when entering a world few have seen. We can only guess what the artists were trying to communicate to us through the art they have left us on the cave walls.

  • Equus II

    I wanted a companion piece to “Circus Horse” so I researched other equine forms that might be found on cave walls. Jean Clottes’s “Cave Art” book provided me with...

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