Canyon Majesty III

Canyon Majesty

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Canyon Majesty is all about texture and recreating symbols on a cave wall. It was an experimental piece that included much acrylic gel, white cotton strips, and Iridescent Copper paint. While the gel and the cotton strips were still moist, I pleated, crushed, pushed, folded, and overlapped the fabric to create the look of veins and bumps found in caves. I allowed the strips to step out of the painting surface for visual interest. While the gel was still wet, I began creating symbols with combs and a sharp-tipped palette knife. Once dried, I applied a few uneven washes of Phthalo Turquoise and Magenta acrylic paint on the fabric surface. Before the paint dried, I put a few coats of Fluid Iridescent Copper Light and let all the colors bleed together. I later added other Fluid Iridescents.  This painting was published in “Rethinking Acrylic” by North Light Publications. It is done on Illustration Board and measures 10” x 30” unframed.