Art Vancouver

I am inviting you and your family to come and see me at Art! Vancouver.

100 complimentary Opening Gala Night tickets and a 20% discount code valid for the duration of the show.

Use these codes to register:
100 Complimentary Gala Night Tickets: TM3
20% Discount: TM20

The codes are only valid through the Eventbrite website, click here.  

Gala Night: Thursday, May 25, 2017, 7-10pm.

Show Hours:
Friday, May 26: 12PM – 8PM
Saturday, May 27: 12PM – 8PM
Sunday, May 28: 12PM – 5PM

Vancouver Convention Centre – East
999 Canada Place
Vancouver, BC

xanadu gallery

Visit Teyjah’s page at Xanadu Gallery

Welcome to Modern Cave Paintings

Please enjoy these paintings of cave wall petroglyphs created by BC artist Teyjah McAren. These pieces include acrylics on paper as well as works of highly texturized, wall-sized images of prehistoric animals and people created with acrylic gels. Explore a realm of mystery and symbolism. Take a journey through time and places unknown. Visit Teyjah’s video blog for much more information about her art.

“My paintings represent my own struggle to understand the mysterious and my own search for meaning.”

Discover prehistoric animals and people through cave wall paintings and petroglyphs. These works of art are steeped in the mythology and symbolism of the ancient people such as the Anasazi in the American Southwest and the People of the Eland and San Bushmen of Africa. As Teyjah experiences emotions walking among the caves and canyons of these mysterious lands, she paints what she feels. She is interested in symbols, rock art, and cave petroglyphs of the American Southwest. Exploring Chaco Canyon, Bandelier, Mesa Verde, and Canyon de Chelly, she was struck by the solitude and mystery of these places. Her feelings were only enhanced as she later discovered parallels in the rocky terrain of South Africa and of the signs that the indigenous cultures had left behind in the stone.