Equus II

Exodus II

This is part of a large painted panel in Mashonaland , Zimbabwe depicting giraffes and dancing men. The scene may involve rainmaking as giraffes are considered to be important rain animals (along with snakes). This highly textured piece boasts multiple layers of acrylic gels. They are, Extra Heavy Gel, Regular gel, Fine Pumice, Light Molding Paste, Fiber Paste, Garnet Gel, Coarse Alumina, Crackle Paste and, Gold Mica Flakes. These gels were sometimes mixed together, sometimes layered one layer over top of another. Once dry, multiple acrylic Fluid colors and Glazing Colors were intermingled or layered. I love the textural quality of this painting. It closely mimics the feeling of a cave wall which is why this version was placed in this location. This painting is 18 1/2” x 31” and was done on Illustration Board.